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Bienvenue! Welcome! Seat yourself at any diner in Montreal, and chances are this is what the placemat in front of you will read—a cheery invitation to the world of poutine and steamés. This chorus of greeting is also emblematic of the dynamic that makes this city so interesting. Montreal’s historic “two solitudes” are just two parts of the city’s ever expanding spectrum of city-dwellers. Diners, known in Quebec as casse-croûtes, are a quintessentially North-American institution. However, their informality, low prices and long business hours invite hungry people from all walks of life, making them a site of cultural exchange. Bienvenue / Welcome wants to explore the individuals, objects and places that make up Montreal and invites all those who encounter it to explore it as well.

Issue 2 was launched at Nouveau Palais on April 5th to the beats of DJ Cadence Weapon and is now available at Patati Patata, The Main , Casse-Croute du Coin, Green Spot and Mademoiselle Jean Talon . Stop by these fine institutions for a good meal and brief exploration of how food defines culture in Quebec.


Meg Ryan’s best moment: the diner scene from When Harry Met Sally. (Filmed at Katz’s Deli, NYC.)

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Pilgrimages to the diner from Seinfeld: surprisingly common.

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Who knew that the term ‘Hotdog’ came from the doodles of a humble cartoonist. Al Jazeera reports.

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"This is one place in the city where woman in her hours of shopping dallies with her hygienic conscience. Pastry is the chief attraction here, and it is to be found in many forms. Here may be seen the stout woman whose plump double chin is broader than the rest of her face, promising it increasing dimensions as she disposes of a rich chicken patty in generous mouthfuls. There is the young school girl with a pebbly complexion which bespeaks the pastry habit hurrying through a ham sandwich and a cup of chocolate with ‘plenty of cream in it,’ and there is the woman with the strong-minded face who gives her earnest attention to a very big and very yellow bun."
A description of a lunch counter from "The Maid and the Menu: Can a Woman Order a Dinner?" from the New York Times, 1904. (Via Michele Humes.)
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